Prices & Discounts

Please get in touch for a list of my current prices and services.

I offer discounts on larger orders, with advance invoice/payment and an agreed weekly expenditure.

I bill a maximum 6 hours per day, to ensure that my creative output is maximised. I bill/track only hours when there is concrete output being made and stuff getting done. No wasted hours!

No wasted hours

Full transparency

All orders are tracked on hourly basis in a fully transparent time-tracking tool, shared with client. You can see where all the effort is going and track the creative output.

Cancellations & Roll-over

When my time has been pre-reserved, I offer a 50% roll-over if I receive timely cancellation (more than 1 working day in advance).
I do not offer roll-over on untimely cancellations of work (less than 1 working day in advance), i.e. there is a 100% kill-fee for untimely cancellations. 

Emergency Allowance

Urgent work (not agreed in advance and requested with less than 1 work-day warning) may be subject to 100% emergency allowance.

First hour of talk, alignment, sparring & advice is FREE.  No strings attached, as I am always happy to help - so please get in touch!

First hour free