Strategic Consulting

I advise on creative projects and establish meaningful tools for strategic development. I use methods and techniques which show the way forward, creating clarity, alignment and forward traction.

This could involve development of overall Design Strategy, Product Roadmap, User Experience (UX) Pillars or other meaningful tools.

Engagement Mapping & On-boarding

It is critical to ensure successful on-boarding of users, minimise friction & reduce drop-off and churn. By using motivation mapping and engagement techniques, I can help you understand your users needs, how to meet them and which emotional hooks can keep them engaged.

I use several self-developed tools such as the Engagement Map, which helps to chart your user's journeys through products and experiences.

UX, Interaction- & Systems Design

All the abbreviations and buzzwords boil down to:

Clear, understandable, user-friendly and ready-to-implement designs for your games, apps or other interactive products. No compromises and no time wasted.

Creative Direction & Feedback

Get help from an experienced sparring partner, product owner/director or provider of feedback and rely on more than 20 years of experience with direction, creative management & structured feedback.

Project & Task Assignment

Involve me in your project, as responsible for specific challenges, areas or features. You get an experienced veteran who is quickly up to speed - and ready to take the lead.

Creative Coaching & Workshops

Learn how to make goals clear, how to manage creative innovation processes and how to develop a strong but feasible vision. I can teach you and your team of creatives, either in the form of personal coaching or creative workshops.

“Emergency Services”

Do you have a fire that needs putting out?

I step in, solve the problems, tip my hat - and leave again - with no strings attached. Get help here and now during bottleneck situations - without having to lose flexibility or hire for a longer contracts.

Tailored to your needs

Your project is unique and should be treated as so. All services are tailored to your needs. This page lists some often provided services.

... And more!

You are welcome to check out my list of clients and references, see my blog for recent work - and please get in touch to hear more!

I am fully covered by Professional Liability and Indemnity insurance, as may be required by some clients.