Thank You For A Wonderful 2018!

A most heartfelt thanks to friends, acquaintances and professional network.



This year, more than 80% of my work came from direct recommendations and referrals!

It would literally be impossible for me to do what I do, without this type of help and support from people I know.


Also I want to extend an *extra special* and deeply grateful shout-out, to the companies I had the opportunity to work with this year:

Wilfilm, Mighty Moth Games, LEGO, Nordisk Film Games, Reto Moto, Nordic Game , Flashbulb Games, Tunnel Vision Games, DR Medier, Cap Nova, Apple Tree Productions & JABii Group.

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 14.06.04.png

Have a wonderful holiday - And give from your heart! 💚

Thomas LøfgrenComment