Thank You For A Wonderful 2018!

A most heartfelt thanks to friends, acquaintances and professional network.



This year, more than 80% of my work came from direct recommendations and referrals!

It would literally be impossible for me to do what I do, without this type of help and support from people I know.


Also I want to extend an *extra special* and deeply grateful shout-out, to the companies I had the opportunity to work with this year:

Wilfilm, Mighty Moth Games, LEGO, Nordisk Film Games, Reto Moto, Nordic Game , Flashbulb Games, Tunnel Vision Games, DR Medier, Cap Nova, Apple Tree Productions & JABii Group.

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Have a wonderful holiday - And give from your heart! 💚

Thomas LøfgrenComment

Visit Planet Alpha today!

Huge congrats and massive respect to the Planet Alpha team for shipping their gorgeous, and otherworldly game on Steam, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

LOVEGREEN played a very small role in evaluating gameplay and providing structured design feedback and suggestions.

Proud to be mentioned in the titles for this minute effort, compared to the gargantuan feat of realising such an amazingly beautiful and mysterious world. Go visit now! 🌍


New Office!
The Absalon Statue on Højbro Plads, central Copenhagen.

The Absalon Statue on Højbro Plads, central Copenhagen.

I have moved in to new offices at The Hub, in the Matrikel 1 innovation house on Højbro Plads in Copenhagen.

Included perk: Overlooking the majestic statue of Absalon, founder of Copenhagen.


My new address is: 

LOVEGREEN v/ Thomas Løfgren
Founders House, Matrikel 1
Højbro Plads 8
DK1200 Copenhagen C.

Phone: +45 26804071